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* reduced price for buying both Teacher's Guides
* reduced price for buying 5 Mr. Clean novels for your class library 
  (specify how many of each)
* reduced price for buying a class set of 35 Mr. Clean novels
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                      Teacher's Guides!

                        Available Now!

These are two novels perfect for English, ESL, Intervention, and Enrichment classes. Full curriculum guides for Mr. Clean and the Barrio and Mr. Clean's Familia are now available.

Each curriculum guide comes complete with 1 month of activities to do with students while reading Mr. Clean and the Barrio and Mr. Clean's Familia
! That's two months of easy to follow activities that will keep kids engaged and interested while reading books that they enjoy.

                Teacher's Guides include:
                * scaffolding activities for pre-reading with engaging photos
                * vocabulary building with easy to use charts 
                * character analysis 
                * opportunities for teaching poetry
                * technology based internet projects
                * reproducible chapter questions that are standards based
                * end of unit assessments
                * activities designed to touch on all levels of Bloom's Taxonomy

Payments can be made with schools credit card through Paypal.

Detailed invoices will be provided upon request.

Class Set shipping will be billed separately.

If you are an educator with any questions about purchasing any books on this website please do not hesitate to contact

You will receive a response within 48 hrs.

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